Two more sleeps.  Are you like me where you count down to major events in your life?  This is my countdown to heading out to visit Blue Sky for the first time.  P says he can hardly wait to see my excitement when I step up to her.  For me, well I’m giddy, like a child awaiting the arrival of her first bike.  So much so, that I’ve started waking in the night and have to get up and read to tire myself out enough to fall back asleep.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this much anticipation and excitement.

I’ve been looking over the pictures of her, waiting for the day that I can take her in first hand.  The actual day, after travel, will be Friday that I step aboard, God willing, around 5 in the evening.  Just in time to settle in and take in the sunset.

The trip will be short, just 6 sleeps aboard.  Just enough to escape the winter blahs and I know it won’t be long enough.  However, I’m so glad we planned it, because we need a break from all the planning.  Not that we won’t continue to plan and work things out while away, but we will be on Blue Sky while doing so. This will definitely break the ‘too much workin’ pattern we’ve been in for months now.

Here’s the list of things I most look forward to: 1) waking up to sunrise and roosters (I’m told to expect this as the island is full of them). 2) sailing where the water is blue. 3) seeing dolphins off the bow (if I’m lucky). 4) testing out the new dinghy and exploring the islands. 5) having time to read, sleep, and relax. 6) having time to do something with P aside from a renovation project. 7) swimming and snorkling 8) living in flip flops and bare feet. 9) being there. 10) enjoying every minute and being ever grateful for the blessing of it.