Storage has been secured

You can imagine the conversations I had on the train when I carried these home.

Yesterday was G’s last day of work.  A pot luck was held by coworkers on Thursday, with goodbyes on Friday.  Thanks everyone for the gift of cash to purchase something for the boat.  I’ll post here when I determine what to buy.  Friday was also the day the contract on the house was accepted.  To say the least, the emotions were running high.

Today was the day to go and arrange a storage locker.  Of course, they did not have the size we hoped for, so we opted for smaller rather than larger.  Our thought process being that we’d rather not come back to too much stuff.  That said, I believe we’ll need to sell off a few more items than originally planned. I’m hoping this can be accomplished given the tight deadline to be out of the house.  P is already packing things to take a first load over tomorrow.

The question we are asking is, will we need this in 5-10 years from now?   For many things the answer is no, but keepsakes are keepsakes and these will need to find a place in the locker.  We’ll be doing our best to pack them as tightly as possible into the space.


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  1. Hi G/P
    I’m so glad that you’re keeping this blog. I had a nice break from work reading. It’s June’uary’ in Vancouver so as you might guess: RAIN. Hope all is well.

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