Ready to depart Hampton, Virginia

Ready to depart Annapolis

We arrived in Hampton, Virginia on November 2nd after a 24 hour overnight sail from Annapolis, Maryland. The afternoon of our arrival was beautiful and warm and we were able to sun on the deck as we neared the entrance to the bay. There was a lot of shipping traffic along the way and we had another boat from Pier 7 Marina join us during the wee hours of the night, so we buddy boated with sv Simplicity the rest of the way.


After fueling and docking at the Blue Water Yacht Club, we joined the other fellow Salty Dawg Rallyers for happy hour in the Dawg House.  We were exhausted, so didn’t stay long, but heard the music from our boat as it lulled us to sleep.

We’ve been watching boats depart for the Bahamas and the BVI daily since our arrival. We missed the initial planned departure of November 4th due to weather, and are now planning to depart in the early morning hours on November 6th. This delay allowed us to hire divers to scrub the bottom of our boat today (the last in a long list of boats they dove for the rally). This is a blessing, as we had some slower than normal performance on the trip from Annaopolis.

Charlie has adapted well to boat life. He’s learned to potty on his fake piece of turf, doesn’t complain about wearing a lifevest 24/7 while underway, and greets everyone he meets with a bark followed by a tail wag.  We’ve made many friends who we’ll meet up with once we arrive in the BVI. Others’ we hope to run into in the Bahamas next year.

We’ll give you an update again upon our arrival in the BVI.

2 thoughts on “Ready to depart Hampton, Virginia”

  1. Hi Gwyn and Paul – This is the very first time I’ve posted a comment on a blog. Not as exciting as I hoped. Well…I didn’t think it was going to be exciting but I do feel compelled to fill the entire blue box. I really enjoyed reading all the news and hope that everyone’s health has improved. I also hope that all the provisioning has been completed so that you can just enjoy. BTW – I am for hire the next time you need the bottom of the boat scrubbed. Hmmmm…it doesn’t look like the whole blue box is going to be full. Maybe next time. Be safe and take care! M

  2. Gwyn and Paul,
    We heard some boats on your rally ran into some really bad weather and received some damage (at least we think it is your group). Tommy and I are just hoping your delay has allowed you to miss that. Check in when you can and let us know that Blue Sky and Simplicity are OK! Amy

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