Getting Started

So the world is changing all the time and being one of those ancient children of the 60’s, its time to move forward a little differently.  Being a sailor, yes, I have watched all my fellow blue water going-to-be’s religiously and painstakingly doing all the right things to assure a successful voyage – safety, comfort, knowledge, etc. Then —- launch!  We tried it with great success on the education side but couldn’t make headway on THE LIST.  So in a moment (or 3) of complete insanity, we have decided our departure is on a boat that is already where we were headed (gotta like that no voyage at the beginning of the voyage) – the Caribbean.

No, the boat is not ready – well sorta – seems to work for a week or two at a time with charterers.

No, we are not completely ready – well sorta – we know lots, maybe too much?

But the concept is like this.  If a myriad of less experienced people have chartered our boat for 1 or 2 weeks and survived, surely we can board that same boat, enjoy the same wonderful experience for four to eight weeks lazing about the Caribbean while doing a little crunching getting ourselves and our boat ready to escape (did I say that?) the Caribbean in order to execute the dreaded to do list stateside to be prepared for a truly grand Caribbean (or not) experience — or wherever.

Time will help with what happens once we set off.  Panama?  Trinidad?  The Pacific?  Europe?   The Med?  Hanging in the Carib?  Or ?

Once on the road, the possibilities are endless.  Getting on the road is the hard part.  So we will start with a little pleasure, time to know our new condo, followed by a northward passage, then?

So the only question is getting on the road.  When?  Time and events will determine that.  What we do know is when we are retired, we are sailing.

Many ways to start a voyage.  Many ways to start a retirement.  So, we bought a home on the water.  No, I mean ON the water, as in buoyant (hopefully).

Keep the imagination alive and the possibilities endless.

So take a peek at our new condo/boat/home/retirement estate – Blue Sky Quick Tour