Boat Show events

After New York we made an overnight trip to Cape May arriving at dawn just as the tide was turning to flow up the Delaware. So rather than waiting around a day in Cape May waiting for the next morning tide, we just kept going up the Delaware (with a nice 2 knot current push) to the C & D canal then through the canal to the Chesapeake where we anchored on the Bohemia river at dusk with about 10 other boats. We took the next day to get just north of Annapolis where we spent two nights anchored in Sillery Bay on the Magothy River. It is a nice quiet anchorage where we could relax after the long trip from New York.

We did have a deadline to get back to Annapolis for, Charlie needs to get his international health certificate renewed prior to our trip back to the BVI. This means a titer test for rabies, which takes 3-4 weeks to process. That gets followed up with a full check up at the vet and paperwork which has to be stamped by the USDA. So we returned to our anchorage on the South River and took C to the vet on Oct 2nd. His follow-up is on the 24th, which means we need to hang around and ended up enjoying many boat show events.

On Thursday, Oct 8th we attended a Salty Dawg gathering at Mears Pavillion where they served pulled pork, wine and beer. We enjoyed seeing people we met on our previous rallys as well as meeting some of the Dawgs who will be joining the rally south in November.

On Friday, Oct 9th we spent the day at the boat show. It’s always fun to view the new boats and see what new gadgets have been invented. After the show, we attended the Lagoon Owner’s event with more food and wine. They had a musician playing on a steel drum. He was great. We were happy to sit ourselves down after being on our feet all day. We didn’t stay too long as we needed to get back to the boat to check on Charlie (poor guy hadn’t bee left a whole day since we used to work and live on land). Don’t worry, he fared well.

On Saturday, Oct 10th we attended a party at Sail Away Catamarans. This event had live musicians, along with plenty of food and drink. Tommy and Amy sure know how to throw a party. We even had a private performance by the Smith brothers of a Marley tune “Every little thing gonna be alright”.

Every little thing gonna be alright
Every little thing gonna be alright

We both had a few too many glasses of wine making getting from the dinghy back onto the boat a bit of a challenge. We’ll laugh about it after the hangovers go away.

New York

This will be brief, because really we just need to decide on which of the 150 photos we took would best capture the experience for you.

It was a lovely 80 degree Sunday as we motored (no wind) down the East River to view the architecture of New York City from the water. Boat traffic was reasonable, likely due to it being a weekend. We didn’t dock or go ashore in NYC as the people we hoped to visit with were out of town. My niece, 2013 Fashion Star runner up, Cassandra, was off to Paris for fashion week and Paul’s sister, Linda, was off to Baltimore. So we just cruised on by and took in the sights. After passing the Statue of Liberty we hoisted our sails and watched the skyline slowly disappear. We both agreed, we’ll be coming back this way again.

Please check back for photos.