Time is fleeting

So considering retiring to a home on the water and working towards that is great.  It can always be in the future “at the right time”.  So we missed the April target, but there is still time, right?  Not really.  Sometimes life rears up, stares you in the face, and says it is now or never.  No longer is next day/month/year ok.  But it must be now.  Suddenly in a whirlwind, the universe puts together what your brain is content to have as a “plan”.  So now it is very real.  House on the market – bang, terrific couple just gotta have it – same emotion we felt when we bought.  Doc says go!  G’s job is done.  The big push is now on.  It is happening no matter how much I want to drag my feet and say “tomorrow”.  There is no tomorrow.  There is only today.  The emotions swirl inside as I prepare myself to transition from a challenging career of 45 years, and move on to sailing the oceans.  It is now a must do – full of fears, excitement, short term major stress – long term?  The journey will tell.  Stay tuned.

Storage has been secured

You can imagine the conversations I had on the train when I carried these home.

Yesterday was G’s last day of work.  A pot luck was held by coworkers on Thursday, with goodbyes on Friday.  Thanks everyone for the gift of cash to purchase something for the boat.  I’ll post here when I determine what to buy.  Friday was also the day the contract on the house was accepted.  To say the least, the emotions were running high.

Today was the day to go and arrange a storage locker.  Of course, they did not have the size we hoped for, so we opted for smaller rather than larger.  Our thought process being that we’d rather not come back to too much stuff.  That said, I believe we’ll need to sell off a few more items than originally planned. I’m hoping this can be accomplished given the tight deadline to be out of the house.  P is already packing things to take a first load over tomorrow.

The question we are asking is, will we need this in 5-10 years from now?   For many things the answer is no, but keepsakes are keepsakes and these will need to find a place in the locker.  We’ll be doing our best to pack them as tightly as possible into the space.


Target date has passed

April 1st was our original target leave date.  We knew we weren’t going to make it a few months back, when we took longer than planned to get the house on the market.  And now we are awaiting a buyer for our home.  New target is mid May with June as an absolute if going this year.

It’s hard trying to be patient, knowing we will be in a panic packing once the offer comes in and it’s time to go.  Meanwhile, we are still selling items online and reducing our stuff.  Making decisions on what to bring from home.  What needs to come immediately and what can wait until we are in the USA.  No definitive plans to our route or places to go with the exception of a marina in July in order to do some work on her.

Attended the WOW (Women on Water) seminar in Victoria in March.  Met a lot of women with similar interests, some who have sailed all over the world, others who are just starting out.  It was a day of fun and laughter and I did have a successful docking experience on the docking simulator.  You can view pictures of the event in the SNAP Victoria magazine. Link:  http://www.snapvictoria.com/index.php?option=com_sngevents&id%5B0%5D=502219.