Middle Ground Lighthouse

The fun with the Salty Dawg Rally doesn’t stop when the rally ends. Read on to find out what we did when we all got to port at Blue Water Marina in Hampton.

Our cruising friends, Jackie and Dan (sv Chill), are share owners in a lighthouse near Hampton, Virginia. When we arrived from BVI they asked us if we would like to come out and see their lighthouse. We’re definitely not going to say no to that, since we missed the opportunity last year arriving a day after they did the annual tour.

Middle Ground Lighthouse
Middle Ground Lighthouse

So the day after all the Dawgs arrived, Jackie took 6 of us in her brother-in-laws van to another marina/work dock, where Dan would pick us up in their transport boat. Meanwhile, Dan took another 8 of the Dawgs out to the lighthouse. We took Charlie along in his car carrier, knowing we’d need to put him on our back to climb the ladder up into the lighthouse.

Here’s the boats that joined in on the fun filled day: White Star, Charmed Life, Zipporah, Adagio along with us.

Having never been to a lighthouse and seeing this one was really special. Jackie and Dan and family and friends spent 4 years reviving this lighthouse to it’s current glory. Every space was so inviting and well put together. I just can’t imagine all the work that went into this. When they bought it through a US Government Auction it was run down and was a regular home to birds.

The coastguard still maintains the light, but the rest of the lighthouse is a delightful useable space for friends and family. Thanks Jackie and Dan, for the tour and the lovely lunch. It truly was a joy.

Later that same evening, Chill held a happy hour aboard their boat. White Star and Sapphire brought over some infused vodka. I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it, I was hooked. I’ll be making some of my own one day.

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