Gwyn is back on board

Charlie Sep 4, 2013 all shaved short
Charlie Sep 4, 2013 all shaved short

In another twist of fate, Gwyn’s mom came ill in early August. After much investigation a tumor was discovered in her pancreas. We arrived back to the boat from Paul’s mom’s the evening onf August 11th. Gwyn departed for Edmonton on Aug 13th to help her mom pre and post op. After three weeks Gwyn is finally back. Paul joined Gwyn in Edmonton from august 31 to sep 3. Paul’s sister Linda volunteered to watch Charlie on the boat for a few days. They happened to be the hottest of the summer. Charlie’s fur was getting quite long and knotted. After a romp in the water Linda just could not get the brush through the knots. So off to a groomer they went. The groomer said he would try but was not into inflicting pain and if necessary he would have to shave him. So he got a down to the skin shave. While he’s much cooler, Linda feared the worst and sent a warning via email while we were on route.. We forgave her of course. Afterall she had been tortured enough with the hot water heater giving up, followed by the water pump not working, 40 degree heat and of course keeping Charlie entertained. It was quite the weekend for her. Thanks Linda for everything.

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  1. Glad to know all about your whereabouts Gwyn and Paul’s, too. Glad Charlie had the care of Linda. Keep me posted as to your mother’s health. Hugs Aunt Lo

  2. Oh, dear I am tryig to see you a messge and am having trouble. Glas to know where Gwyn and Paul are and that Charlie had good care. Keep me posted as to yur Mmother, Gwyn. Hugs Aunt Lo

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